IT Infrastructure Management

The Backbone of Your Business Systems

Is your business at risk?

Unpredictable downtime costs productivity and may result in lost business
Un-anticipated and un-budgeted issues can be a financial hardship for your business
Improper security can lead to data loss or theft and leave the company liable for damages
Poorly optimized systems result in lost productivity with nobody responsible or accountable

Take control of the situation

With flexible IT Service options from North49

À La Carte

  • Anti-virus – Total desktop security: anti-virus, anti-malware, and intrusion protection
  • Anti-spam – 80% of viruses are delivered by email. Prevent unwanted emails from reaching users
  • Backup – Scheduled back-up of critical data and restoration
  • Replication – Off site replication of critical data for added security
  • Audit – Periodical assessments of your vulnerability, compliance and configuration status

Proactive Monitoring

Our friendly and dedicated team proactively monitors your servers, workstations and network including many of the a la carte options, along with mission critical license management and scheduled preventative maintenance.

Managed IT Services

Our expert team assumes complete management of your IT infrastructure and provides full online and on-site support.

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