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Webtelligence Campaigns & Promotions

Webtelligence Promotions Manager assists your business’ marketing and sales efforts. Each promotion can have multiple rules. The result could be free shipping, free item(s) or item/order discount.

This is one of the many features of the Webtelligence Integrated Webstore for Sage 300 ERP.

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Webtelligence Connect

WEBTELLIGENCEConnect enhances customer experience by giving your trading partners convenient access to information they want when they want. WEBTELLIGENCEConnect also reduces your internal operational expenses by reducing data entry associated with account and order management.

WEBTELLIGENCEConnect Highlights – View Accpac & Web account activity, Pay open invoices, Simplify order processes, Manage inventory, Update contact info, Print documents and more…

Remember, any data available in Accpac can be made available on the Web with WEBTELLIGENCEConnect.

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Webtelligence Features with New Video!

YouTube Preview Image

Webtelligence Video

We also have additional videos (more…)

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Sage Accpac B2B – Integrated Webstore

two men shaking hands

Do you need a B2B Webstore with integration with your Sage Accpac ERP?

With Webtelligence, Accpac accounts receivable data is (more…)

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Opportunity for Change

Survival of the Fastest, brought to you by Google, the Daily Telegraph and the London Business School says that you should get creative and take chances. And do it online. Take a look at this great video they’ve put together.
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Crisis is Danger and Opportunity

They say that the word crisis in Chinese means (more…)

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Why do we need an integrated Webstore solution?

girl shopping online with credit card

We currently have a webstore. But we do not have integration with our Sage Accpac ERP

You’re on the right track so far. You have a webstore, this makes the shopping experience easy and accessible (more…)

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Webtelligence – Customer Discounts

cash folded in a wad

How does Webtelligence handle customer discounts from Accpac?

Webtelligence mimics the price and tax logic of Accpac. By doing so (more…)

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Webtelligence – Administration Tools


Do you have the right tools?

When working with an e-commerce web store solution, it is important to have easy to use (more…)

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Webtelligence – Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart for your Webstore

The Webtelligence shopping cart experience may be a little different from what you’re used to.  Customers can log into the webstore with a unique user account, which can be (more…)

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Webtelligence Promotions

webtelligence promotions sales marketing

Campaigns and Promotions for your Webstore

Webtelligence now incorporates functionality to assist your business’ marketing and sales efforts. Not only does it support full Google Analytics (old and new) integration to monitor activity on your site, it also allows your business to set up campaigns and promotions to monitor and (more…)

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