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Webtelligence puts the world in the palm of your hands.

Empower Customers

Your customers gain the ability and confidence to self-serve, while reducing reliance on your customer service team.

Go Mobile

Go anywhere at any time. Your web store is made available on all platforms with no compromise on functionality.

Cut Your Costs

Reduce costs associated with maintaining inventory and other administrative functions. Automate business processes front to back.

Solid Design

Design process that ensures your branding functions effectively, and that your ecommerce environment is suited for different devices.

Boost Your Sales

Expand your market by having access to customers traditionally out of your reach, with customized marketing objectives.

Unlimited Access

Modern ecommerce is a business that never quits. Your webstore keeps running 24/7 so you don’t have to.


Webtelligence is a fully integrated ecommerce solution for Sage 300. It offers two-way integration from the web to Sage 300 and beyond. It allows you to implement a web store that addresses your specific B2B and B2C ecommerce requirements.


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“I am amazed that we were able to synchronize 7982 inventory items to our web store. There would be virtually no way for us to control this number of items, have the sales volume we do and the accuracy we achieve without Webtelligence. It has made us extremely productive and gives me confidence to continue to pursue our global ambitions.”


Gerry Vandergrift

President, Metropolitan Tea Company

“Having orders flow automatically from our web store to Sage 300 and having inventory and pricing automatically updated on the web store saves us a huge amount of time. We couldn’t handle our sales volume with our current staff levels without that functionality.”


Sylvia Balcaen

Office Manager, KK Penner Tire Centers

“Webtelligence saves us an enormous amount of time in our order processing and web store maintenance allowing us to grow without adding additional staff to handle the increased sales.”

Elena Tenhaaf

Marketing Manager, Eddi's Wholesale Garden Supplies


For more than 25 years North49 has been developing solutions that enhance the functionality of Sage 300. We are a Sage Gold Development Partner designing and implementing feature rich applications for small to mid-size companies. Our expertise in accounting, software engineering, business processes, and design will deliver uncompromising solutions that give you the competitive advantage.

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